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On 15 February 2019, at time 12.00 in headquarters “Marculesti International Airport”, which is situated in village Lunga, region Floresti will be held auction to select the tenants of the following assets of the ”Marculesti International Airport “:

Nr.lot The name Nr.


Nr. registration Certificate


Initial Amount of Monthly Rental Amount in Dry-lease (USD)
1 Helicopter Mi-8 MTV1 95 865 ER-MHE missing 50,000
2 Helicopter Mi-8 MTV1 95864 ER-MHD missing 45,000
3 Helicopter MI-2 5411038109 missing 460 hours of flight
4 Helicopter MI-8 PS 10731 ER-MGY missing
5 Helicopter   MI-8 PS 10734 ER-MGJ missing

The future Air Operator is required to prolong the cell for one year as well as complete the aircraft with all the missing units on its account. All expenses related to obtaining airworthiness are paid to the Operator, with subsequent compensation by the lessor.

Will be accepted applicants who have an operational activity uninterrupted as airline operators at least 5 years experience in international missions is, with social capital at least 10 000 000 lei, with technical staff and pilots who are certified to service and exploitation on Type MI -2 and MI-8 , the number of employees not less than 20, the turnover for the previous 3 years not less than 10 million lei.

Applicants will present : the request to participate in the auction (the model offered by the seller) ; a copy of the document certifying the applicant’s registration as an economic agent; copy of the extract from the State Register of Entities and Organizations ; a copy of the AOC certificate certifying the operating right of this type of aircraft, the copy of the financial statement for the years 2015, 2016, 2017, the document certifying the right of the administrator to participate in the auction (proxy in the case of representation through representatives) ; the documents confirming the payment of the participation fee in the amount of 1200 lei and the subscription in the amount of 10% of the initial price at IBAN MD31AG000000002251259929 , BC Moldova-Agroindbank SA, Balti branch, c/b AGRNMD2X , c / f 1004607000530 and other documents as required upon request . Requests for participation in the tender shall be received no later than one day before the start of the auction. Familiarity with the goods exhibited at the auctions will be made daily. Information related to the helicopter resource, terms of the dry-lease agreement, etc., would be obtained at the premises of the enterprise. If you will have questions please contact to phone number: 41 108 0250. * All copies are legalized in the established mode.